The company’s PVC and PVC alloy materials (soft and hard) cover all parts of the car。 Performance achieve even more than similar foreign products, which make a contribution to the localization of auto parts。

†Exterior trim: front and rear gear; roof trim; outside the water cut; window seal (window frame); triangular window outside the large mirror seal; rubbing strip.

Interior trim: inner water cut; sunroof seal; seat trim; shift dust cover; protection ball; floor pressure; top pressure bar; window frame。

Be matched with (second level): BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, SAIC, Geely, Great Wall, Chery, Changan, Liu steam, Zotye and other OEMs, which is one of the few raw material suppliers for BMW global procurement system in mainland China.

†Material characteristics:

  1.  Surface of company exterior material is delicate, wide processing range, processing speed (squeeze products) fast, cost-effective;
  2. Interior material: smell, low VOC, meets the requirements of a main engine factory interior products;
  3. Low smoke, low taste, low VOC, cold heat resistant materials, pass the ASTME662 standard, products sold back to the United States.

A.Front Seal Frame

B. Front seal

C。 Roof layering

D。 Protective cover

E. Skylight seal

F. Roof trim strip

G。 Rear trim strip

H. Car side rubbing strip

I. Internal water slot

J. External water slot

K. Carpet layering

L. Triangular window