HY series of flame retardant materials, through a special formula design to inhibit the evaporation of flame retardants in materials; combined with compatible technology to improve the interface properties of materials and improve its compatibility; through the special design of the screw and adjust to the feeding methods to control the plasticity of the material and the uniformity of dispersion.

†Since 2014 our products came into market and received praise. Materials have been successful used in junction box of famous home appliance brands at home and abroad, exported socket, small household appliances shell, communication device shell and other fire-retardant field to replace of FR-ABS and parts of the FR-PC/ABS.

The project cooperated with the well-known Qingdao University of Science and Technology, to continuously optimize the product performance and meet the customer continuous improvement requirements。

Conventional materials for household appliances

Special material for electrical equipment

Special material for socket

Special material for communication equipment