CPVC modified material

Jinlida CPVC modified materials can be endured in high temperature, the Vicat softening point of products can up to 103-115 ℃ and Increased 30 to 40 ℃ than the ordinary PVC materials; At the same time, it has a performance of acid and alkali corrosion resistance and can’t be faded due to a color weatherability; The extrusion molding process is also simple and easy to conduct.

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Product performance

† High temperature resistance: Can be endured in high temperature, the Vicat softening point can up to 103-115 ℃ and Increased 30 to 40 ℃ than the ordinary PVC material, a preferred material of the hot water pipe and  the valve fittings.

† Corrosion resistance: a corrosion resistance of acid, alkali and oil liquid. A preferred material of the environmentally friendly products for chemical wastewater treatment.

†Easy processing: the extrusion injection molding process is no longer difficult to master and the processing performance is basically same as PVC materials。

† Environmental protection: meets the EU ROHS environmental directive by an international third party testing.

† Can be customized: can be customized according to the different requirements of customers.

Product properties parameters

Physical and mechanical properties Test Methods Unit Standard value (range)
Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.48~1.51
Hardness shore D ASTM D2240 80-85
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 Mpa ≥50
Tensile modulus ASTM D638 Mpa ≥2500
Vicat softening temperature ASTM D1525 90-120
Izod impact strength(gap about 3.18 mm) ASTM D256 J/M ≥130
UL flammability rating UL94 V0


Product Usage

Products are widely used in: hot water pipes,valves, environmentally friendly products for chemical sewage treatment and so on.

Product processing guidance

1、Machining process

  • Cleaning mold
  • Temperature up to about 170 ℃
  • Add the modified material to start processing
  • After processing is completed, then PP cleaning screw, mold with a cloth to wipe clean, spray rust agent

2、Processing technology reference

  • † CPVC modified materials need to be dried before processing, the general drying conditions: 1 00~120 ℃, 4 hours.
  • † Avoid contacting with the resin dust or debris during the production and operation, the plastic melt can’t be stayed in the heating tube for a long time during an injection cycle, the residence time depends on the  size of the pipe, the amount of storage and the material temperature generally. We recommend that it’s not better to be stayed for the plastic melt and we should use PP material to rinse if stayed.
  • † The proposed processing temperature is 170-175 ℃ and the latter part of each area should drop off 5 ℃ just for a reference, the specific processing needs adjustments according to the different formulations and  processing methods.


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