Soft PVC material

Jinlida soft PVC materials meet the REACH, EU ROHS, EN71 and other environmental directive, don’t contain phthalate (6P), lead peers on VOC, condensation, odor and other aspects and widely used in car, toys, building materials, medical treatment, LED light belts and other fields。

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Product performance

† Tactility: feel soft; good transparency, smooth and delicate surface。

† Odor: Low odor, low VOC, to meet the car interior, sanitary ware and other olfactory sensory requirements。

† Weatherability: High weather resistance, not fade easily for a long-term use at outdoor。

† Cold tolerance: Can be used in cold areas, the brittle temperature up to -30℃。

† Environmental protection: Meets the EU ROHS environmental directive, can up to a REACH standard and does not contain (6P) phthalate and other level according to the customer demands。

† Can be customized: Can be customized according to the different requirements of customers.


Product properties parameters

Performance Test Methods Unit Standard value (range)
Density GB/T 1033 g/cm3 1.16-1.35
Hardness shore D GB/T 2411 23℃ HA 55-95
Tensile Strength GB/T 1040


Mpa 5-22
Elongation at break GB/T 1040


% 380-180
Brittle impact temperature(the test piece will not break or crack due to bending) GB/T 5470 Qualified
Pollution 80℃*24H+63℃*16H, load 4.41N QC/T 643 No pollution
Ozone resistance to aging 20%, 40℃/72Hsampling concentration GB/T 7762 No crack
Anti-preservative / removal of preservatives and cleaning agents GB/T11547 Qualified
Hot air aging(100℃/72H) Heating reduction≤8.0 2.0-0.3
Environmental level IEC60695 ROHS-REACH


Product Usage

Products are widely used in: soft neon lights, soft water pipes, shower pipes, car Ottomans, blood pressure tube, automotive interior and eterior trim materials.


Product processing guidance

1、Machining process

  • Preheat
  • Demolition of the head, perforated plate, clean up; and emptying the retention material of the barrel
  • And then heated to the default value, adding PVC modified material
  • When processing is complete,, the first cooling to about 120 ℃, and drained the barrel material, and then turn off the power avoid to charred
  • It is best to removed die, porous plate in time and clean up, so the next time will be more convenient to start.

2、  Processing technology reference

  • † The PVC modified soft materials must be dried before processed and the general dry condition is drying at 60-70℃ for 2-4 hours..
  • † Do not allow the material being contacted with dust or debris and stayed in the barrel for a long time during the production operation.
  • † Adjust the material processing temperature according to the different performance such as hardness and so on, the limited temperature is 170-190℃ generally.


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