Aim at the poor property of cold hardiness, heat resistance and workability, good rigidity, fire resistance and other characteristics of PVC, we selected the appropriate second component to modify the PVC, and therewith expand the application of PVC. We have developed some special materials successfully as following: table tennis special materials, fighter tachometer protective sleeve special materials, the national grid damping rods and other special materials.

† The developing special category projects of our company:

  1. Development of heat-resistant PVC alloy material cooperated with Zhejiang University of Technology;
  2. Development of high mobility and impact PVC material cooperated with upstream PVC resin manufacturers;
  3. Research and development of PVC shock absorption and sound insulation materials according the request of high-speed rail, aircraft and other projects;
  4. Research and development of high tensile strength, high impact and ternary dynamic vulcanized PVC elastomer;
  5. Research and development of new ideas and new technology on PVC processing field;
  6. Research on engineering of PVC.

Accumulator special materials

Table tennis special materials

Electricity shock absorber special materials

Valve fittings special materials